White Choc ‘N’ Mocha Protein Cheesecake


1 tub of Philly light
1 tub of light marscapone
1 scoop of Hydra 6 chocolate
125mm Killa Coffee
2tbsp extra thick cream
1 packet of Oreos
80g unsalted butter
1 White choc carb killa of your choice
Choc chips if you want them.


First we need to make the base, so line your cake tin with grease proof paper. Blitz the Oreos in a blender, and in a bowl mix in the melted butter. Press into the tin and then refrigerate for 30 mins.

Empty out the double cream and whip until it’s really stiff, then fold in the Killa coffee and Hydra 6 protein (mix them together first). Add in the Philly light and once you’ve got an even mix, smash in your choc chips if you’re adding them, and then pour the mixture on top of the refrigerated Oreo base.

Grate half of your carb Killa on top, and slice the rest into chunks to place on top, then crack it in the freezer for 90 mins to help it set firm. Mission complete.

Slice, and enjoy at will!