Personal Training

Want to take your results to the next level?


If you’re looking for long term results with your health and fitness then there really is only one solution for you, and that is education. In order to be able to look after our body in a nutritional sense, and also from a training perspective, we need to learn how to do it. There are many ways to get this education, from researching on your own, taking a course, or investing in a personal trainer.

Which is the best solution? Well, generally speaking, there isn’t one. Each solution will suit individuals differently, so when we say that Personal Trainers aren’t for everyone, the same applies for researching on your own, or enrolling on a course.

As a Personal Trainer, I can tell you that if you are parting with your hard earned cash, you’re more likely to succeed because not only do you want to waste your hard earned money, you don’t want to let your coach down. There are extra factors when you hire the services of a PT and they will give you the edge when it comes to achieving your goals.

I offer one to one sessions in Stapleford, Nottingham. Prices start from ₤30 per session.

In a typical 12 week program, you will be taught how to utilize cardio, resistance training, flexibility and nutrition in order to reach your goals. You can expect to see a dramatic transformation over the duration of the program if you work hard. There are no quick fixes in health or fitness, no magic formula or ingredient for fat loss, only a simple rule. To lose mass, we run a calorie deficit, and to gain mass we run a surplus.

Having me as your trainer, you will have access to innovative and fresh recipes, along with tested training systems that will take your fitness and wellbeing to the next level.

If you would like to enquire about one to one sessions, book a consultation or discuss your suitability for intense personal training (this could be effected by injuries, underlying medical conditions etc) then simply click the email icon at the top of the page.

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