Online PT Courses

All the benefits of a Personal Trainer, in a convenient app format.

It’s really that simple. Log in to the app with your smartphone and you can instantly access your fully customised workout plan, with a video library to assist you. You can access your fully customised nutrition plan and track your food as you go through the day. You can message me directly through the app and stay focused knowing that I am on hand to answer any questions. You can have the option of a weekly Skype/Facetime check in, or a written conversation if you prefer. Some of you may have the option to feature on the website and social media upon completion of your program if this is something you are comfortable with.

Examples of goal specific programs available.

12 Week Body Re-composition.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. With this program, we will switch out fat for muscle. This is perfect for people who are in a reasonable shape, looking to gain that well-defined look associated with increased lean tissue and reduced body fat.

12 Week Cardiovascular Enhancement.

If you’re looking to increase your cardiovascular fitness then this is for you. At the start of the 12 weeks, a VO2 max assessment will be completed, and again at the end. The kind of training you can expect is very intense, regardless of fitness level or previous experience, but extremely rewarding. Not only will you see a dramatic increase in your overall fitness level,  you will feel better too.

12 Week Glute’s and Legs.

This program will be specifically geared towards the female client looking to add some size and strength to the glutes and legs. Similar programs may be referred to as ‘Booty Building’, but this program will address all aspects of the lower body to build the strong, powerful curves you’re looking for.

12 Week Summer Shred.

If you’re looking to get in shape for that holiday, or an extra slinky bridesmaid dress at the summer wedding, then this is the sort of package you’re looking for. It will consist of multiple training systems, with varying degrees of intensity, from HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to hypertrophic muscle building. Through a combination of different training methods, you can expect to drop the body fat whilst maintaining your lean tissue that you’ve worked hard to get.

12 Week Home and Healthy.

If you lead a busy lifestyle or don’t enjoy visiting a gym then you might like to try one of my home and healthy plans. Not only will you get 12 weeks worth of challenging home workouts, you will get the tailored nutrition plan to go with it, making sure that you have a one-way ticket to success. Some basic equipment will be needed for maximum results on this plan.

12 Week Hypertrophic Development.

If you’re looking to pack on maximum size, then you should choose the hypertrophic development program. With this program, you will learn how to fuel your body to complement protein synthesis after any one of the gruelling workouts. The program is progressive, dependent on your starting ability. Each client can expect to make significant progress if the hypertrophic development program is followed correctly.

Custom Goal Specific Program.

If you have something a little more specific to train for, or a goal that doesn’t fully align with a category mentioned, you can have a bespoke program crafted around your needs. An example of this could be a sport specific program involving motor patterns and proprioception, alongside more functional based, intense training.

What now?

If you would like to enrol in a 12-week course and really challenge yourself, just click the email button at the top of the page and sign up. It’s that simple. The full price for the 12-week course of your choice is ₤240.00 as an introductory offer. This can either be paid in full or monthly in advance via PayPal. All new workout plans and nutrition plans for the following week will be sent out to clients on a Friday to allow for weekend prep, such as shopping and meals. I have chosen to offer 12-week plans because it is a great timeframe to achieve solid results, however, there may be a possibility to provide programs of a different timescale on request. This will be considered according to each individual circumstances.

With all courses I offer, you will not find a quick fix or any dubious claims. I will show you how to train and use food in a way that will accelerate your progression, but even with my help, you will only get out of this what you put in. If you want it enough, you will get it. What are you waiting for? Life is now!

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