Double Chorizo and Chilli Chicken Cheese Burger


2 x Musclefood Chilli Chicken Burger

3 x Sliced Multi-coloured Tomatoes

1 x Bunch of fresh Rocket Leaves

2 x Slices of mature Cheddar

6 x Slices of Chorizo

1 x Oven bottom Muffin

1 x Drizzle of Reds BBQ sauce

1 x Teaspoon of Coconut Oil


This is a really easy meal to make, and its really versatile too – you can have it with anything you like to make up your macros.

Firstly, heat a little coconut oil in a frying pan and add your chicken burgers. these will take between 7.5-10 mins on either side, but be sure to turn them regularly so they don’t burn and cook through evenly.

If you’re using a whole chorizo, slice them about 5mm thick and add those in for the last 10 minutes. the oils will release from the chorizo and add extra flavor to the chicken burgers.

Using a bread knife, slice your muffin in half and pop it in the toaster on number 2. Once it pops up, bang it on your plate and add the rocket plus sliced tomatoes.

To check the chicken burgers are cooked, just slice one down the middle across 3/4s of its length and simply have a look.

Next, place your sliced cheddar and chorizo on top of each burger and cook for another minute.

All that is left to do is place them inside the muffin, add a drizzle of sauce and enjoy.

You can serve this with anything you like, but I personally like to serve it with seasoned wedges.