Discount Codes

Save yourself a few quid on your next orders with these great companies!

Hi guys. These two companies below are two of the best. I don’t just say this because of my connection with them on social media (If I didn’t love them then I wouldn’t have connected at all), I say it because its true. Both with a fantastic range of products, rapid delivery and great quality, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best nutrition.



Use the code PETE25 at checkout to save 25% of your total order. You might ask yourself, what’s in It for Pete? well, here’s the lowdown. Every time you place an order with Grenade and use my code, you will save a whopping 25% off the total of your order. In addition to that, I will receive a 5% commission on all sales related to that code, so, if you enjoy the content I create, and would like to give me a little digital pat on the back while saving money, using this code is a great way to do so. Click on the Grenade logo to visit their site and shop now.



We all know how dangerous the supermarket can be when it comes to dodging naughty food. This is where Muscle Food saves the day. No more temptations, just visit the site, fill up your trolley and everything is delivered to your door. You can use the code HOBBSFIT to save £5 of your next order. Same as before, what’s in it for me I hear you ask? I receive a monthly selection of items from Muscle Food and use these items to create rich visual content for both my own and Muscle Food’s website and targeted social media campaigns.

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