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Welcome to Hobbs Fitness

Hi, my name is Pete Hobbs.

Here you will find fitness tips, recipes, workouts and more.

I decided to start an online food diary in January 2016 and soon rediscovered my love for cooking, along with a reinvigorated passion for fitness.

Meal after meal I began to realise that Instagram wasn’t like any other social media. It was a place to connect with like-minded people through pictures of shared interest, giving a level of positivity and daily inspiration that seems to be missing from other platforms.

When we base something solely on our interests and not through our existing relationships in life, it becomes clear very quickly that you will find yourself in a positive environment.

There is always a risk that when you decide to open up more of your life to the public on social media that you will meet negative comments, and sometimes nasty ones too. I accept that not everyone will like me or the way I do things, and that is fine because we are all different. Moving on to new projects, such as a YouTube Channel, will raise that risk but isn’t getting outside of your comfort zone what life is all about? We would all be much better off if only we could be numb to how we are perceived in the eyes of others.

Social media can be a great tool if it’s used correctly and this is a by-product of my journey so far. I hope you find the content of this site helpful, and if you have any ideas which could make it even more helpful, hit the email button at the top of the page and let me know.

Best Wishes,

Pete Hobbs



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